Beginner's Basics For Construct 2

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

Ok i thought i'd have a go at a tutorial, never done one before, and i'm not an expert at Construct 2 by any means, But i thought i'd share some of the things i've learn't since using Construct 2 that may help some beginners. It may seem a bit random and some ways may be better done differently but it's like a tips section. And the way i do things.

TIP: Before you Add any Sprites, Backgrounds etc. In the layers Tab on the right, Add at least 2 more layers so now you have 3 in total, Name them from the bottom up, Background, Objects, GUI. What this does is allow editing and game play to be better, and nothing will interact incorrectly. Also Name your Event Sheets to Correspond to the Layouts.

TIP: In your Event Sheet get used to creating GROUPS such as Enemy Spawn, Player Controls, Collisions etc, then put your events in the corresponding GROUP as this will make it easier for BUG FINDING.

TIP: Add a Debug Group so that you can add/assign Keyboard Keys to skip to certain parts of your game, or add PowerUps etc, This will cut game testing down so you can jump to certain parts without having to play 6 levels to get there.

TIP: Holding Ctrl while on a sprite will copy it if as you drag your mouse away from the sprite. It's quicker than Right click and select copy, But does the same thing. (NOTE: on doing this all the Behaviours and Instance Variables will be copied exactly and if you change anything in one of them it will be applied to ALL that you have copied this way)

Multiple Spawning

Ok here's what i do to spawn multiple objects/enemies at random places at random times.

First of all i create a sprite it doesn't matter what it is i just use a colored dot say 10x10 pixels, and name it SpawnPoint, Next i hold Ctrl and select the spawn sprite and drag more of them till i have how ever many i need. Then i place these where i want enemies to spawn from.

Such as the Yellow squares in the picture.

Then Add an Event System - Every X Seconds, Then in the Box that appears you can put Random(2,8) What this does is tell Construct 2 to pick at Random any time between 2 and 8 seconds.(You can choose what ever you like)

Next in the Add Action select your SpawnPoint and select Spawn Another Object, then select your Enemy, and choose what layer you want it to spawn on.

So now every 2 to 8 seconds an enemy will be spawned.

Then in the Event you just created Right Click and select Add Another Condition. Select System - Pick Random Instance and in the window that pops up Click to choose Select your SpawnPoint.

Now whats going to happen is that at Random times Between 2 to 8 seconds

Construct will pick a Random SpawnPoint and Spawn an Enemy.

Again i hope this is useful to someone.

Parallax Scrolling

This is really easy in construct 2, 1st of all i create 4 layers and name them from the bottom layer up as such, Background, Scroll, Objects, GUI,

I then select the Background layer and under properties i select Parallax and set it to 30,30 You can choose what ever speed you want, then i select the Scroll Layout and set that to 50,50, and the Objects Layout i set to 100,100 then the GUI Layout is set to 0,0.

So what happens is this gives you 2 Parallax Scrolling Layers. You can check the effect out here on a game i created.

Space Fantasy

This can be applied to screens that wrap or if you're using the Scroll To function on your player.

I hope this helps someone.


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