Asteroid clone in less than 100 events

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

Making a simple but complete asteroid clone in less than 100 events using C2's free edition, that is the challenge of this tutorial.

To prove that it is possible, to show how it can be done (and by no mean is this tutorial displaying "the best way", just one of the numerous possible implementations), I'll try my best to not only display how but also why I set up and coded things in the way I did.



A - Base mechanism

+ Behaviors used : Custom movement, Wrap, Pin, Bullet, Destroy outside of layout, Rotate; Plugins used : Sprite, Keyboard.

..1 - Ship setting and controls

..2 - The asteroids

B - InGame Systems

+ Behaviors used : None; Plugins used : System, Sprite, Keyboard, Text, Textbox, Array, Local Storage, Audio, TiledBackground, Function.

..1 - Pausing system

..2 - Wave System

..3 - Score System

..4 - Audio

..5 - A life bar implementation

C - Finishing touches

..1 - Splash/loader layout

..2 - WebFonts

..3 - Image compression

..4 - Exporting the project



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  • I have looked over the asteroid handling group, and it seems like all of my events are in the correct spot. The issue I am having is that the smaller asteroids will not be destroyed, but instead will continue to break apart until they're infinitely small. If anyone can help me with this issue that would be highly appreciated, thank you.