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Once you completed the design your layers, your layout should looks like below.

Now please open Construct 2 Event Editor so we can enter some code. Remember if you run the project now, you will notice it is not showing in centre of our layout.

Add 2 global variables

VariableX = 0

VariableY = 0

Instruction for Construct 2 is on start, centre the screen and set aside memory for variables VarX, VarY, and also scroll X 400 and Y to 600 which was our Guide.

Remember study the code lines properly and you will learn so much from it. I can only guide you and your turn is to study it. Once you add these lines you will see the result. If you find ERROR then I have supplied CAPX file. You can use it as you like no restriction on it.

Once you are satisfied entering your code, your project works perfectly then see if you can add this to your project.

1. How many moves it takes player to complete it.

2. How much time he or she has taken in Minutes and Seconds

3. Add music

4. Try animating your Number sprites

5. There is much, much more you can add and learn

I hope you like my tutorial. Please if you like it then leaves some comments that are all I ask not much.



Download now 521.51 KB

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