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In this tutorial we will learn how to arrange numbers from 1 to 15. What really happen is at start of our game all the numbers will be disorderly therefore player has to arrange them as 1, 2, 3, and so on. Now we start with opening Construct 2 and create new projects. When you run game screen will look like below:

1. Create new project and call it arrange numbers

2. Set windows size to 640, 960

3. Set layer size to 800, 1200

4. Create 2 more layers

5. Name layers as Background, Board and Guide

6. Create sprite and set size to 640, 960, name it Guide, Place this sprite on guide layer, set Opacity to about 25, Set Position @ 400, 600

7. Create Text and name it txtSort, add text as heading Sort 1 to 15 numbers, now lock this layer.

8. For Board layout we will need 2 sprites 1 name it as OpenSpace_Sprite, 2 name it as Number_Sprite. Layer Board is done.

9. Set position of Number_Sprite @ 208, 394 and OpenSpace_Sprite outside of layer Board. Number_Sprite also needs ready Instance Variable Boolean

Layer Board should look like below

Now we must insert

1. Audio

2. Keyboard

3. Mouse

4. Touch

5. Function

6. Array

Now name our Array as Number_RandomArray, so we will remember name of array when we come to compare it.

For Number sprites you can use mine or create your own


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