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In Construct 2 video games, artificial, simulated intelligence is used to generate intelligent behaviours first and foremost in non-player characters (NPCs), over and over again simulating human-like brains, intelligence. The method used characteristically draw upon animate methods from the field of synthetic intelligence (AI).

This tutorial is only for beginners whom are new to Construct 2. Ashley & CO has created wonderful tool Construct 2. Whether you like it or not but, mark my word Construct 2 will be best software tool in future and the success will be enormous.

Please note sprites used for this tutorial is from It’s free but one must give credit where you have them sprites from. If you can draw your own then that be wonderful but, I am no artist. Background is from SCIRRA LTD Jungle bundle

Ok start Construct 2 and create new project 16:9 landscape. And name it as you wish. I have name AI Construct 2.

1. Set windows size to 640, 480

2. Set layout size to 1280, 480

3. Add background from your free bundle Jungle and name layer Background.

Make sure you turn Transparency TO YES, also in view property turn Pixel Round as well.

Now double click anywhere or click right mouse button and insert these INPUT OBJECTS

1. Audio

2. Browser

3. Keyboard

4. Mouse

5. NW.js

6. Touch

In object type create folder and name it ABKMNT and drag above INPUT OBJECTS. You could do same for Background too.

Now add new layer and name it Walking Path, also add new sprite (48, 48) and name the sprite Walking_Path. Set snap to and change grid size 24, 24


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