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Ever wanted to make your own racing games? You can with Construct. Design your tracks, your vehicles and weapons (if it's that sort of game!) Add powerups and decide how much acceleration and turning ability each vehicle has. Construct makes building racing games a breeze. Try Construct 3 or buy Construct 3 now!

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The Next Penelope

A gorgeous, stylish and addictive racing game made in Construct!

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There Next Penelope

The Next Penelope shows you what you can make in Construct if you put your mind to it. The game is stylised uniquely and the end result is absolutely stunning.

There Next Penelope

The game has weapons and is reminiscent to racing games such as F-Zero X.

There Next Penelope

It demonstrates Constructs powerful special effects brilliantly. Explosions, lighting and interesting angles all add to the beautiful end result.

There Next Penelope

The Next Penelope also has boss fights, merging the lines between genres.

Now Make Your Own Racing Games

There's no reason why you can't build your own racing games in Construct. Try it now to see how intuitive it is - then buy it to unlock all the powerful features.

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