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Platform Golf

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j0schi Published on 24 Jul, 2015

Update: Platformgolf has been released on Steam:



Please consider to vote for it, it helps a lot! Thank you so much!

Each level is uniquely designed to be a prelude to more challenging levels ahead. Avoid mushrooms or use it at your advantage. Mushrooms can bounce you high and take you to the floating platforms. Ready your mind and maintain focus because sometimes, rolling logs get in the way, other times, it falls from the sky. Sometimes, it might get difficult to maintain your position; you can use wooden planks to your advantage and break a fall! Why did the golf ball break the glass? To get to the other side! Break glasses if you must to get to your hole! One more thing, don’t forget to collect crystals and coins along the way. More of them will give you more hits!


Klick anywere on the screen, hold, move the mouse in the direction and release the button.

The indicator bar shows you the direction and the power.

Have Fun!


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  • Hey I've seen the PM and I was going to thank you personally in the message but I still don't have 500 points haha.

    But seriously thank you so much :D

  • Even after all these years, this is still an amazing game...

  • This is an awesome game! You made a golf game that I actually enjoy. Everything is awesome but.. I just wish the ball would go behind the random blades of grass that are sticking out here and there. It looks 99.9% polished when the ball rolls on top of those standing patches of grass. I understand the ball might end up getting lost behind there, so maybe you could raise those grass sprites a bit so that the ball visually stays "grounded" when it goes over the blades.

    5 Stars to you!

  • This is a nice game. Could do with a bit more overall polish. For example, some of the sound volumes need changing, when you click the zoom in and out buttons in the bottom right corner the bluck click noises are a lot louder then the rest of the game, they need turning down, and the text below the time (when it shows how many stars you have got) could be nicer, it doesnt match the rest of the text. Game play is good though (landing on a tree on level 4 was quite funny), and the tutorial is really good too.

  • Kudos for the interface/buttons, and general look of the whole UI and game!

    The controls are great, really a nice game, well done sir, good luck, wish you a lot of plays with it! :)

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