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Make puzzle games using Construct, a visual and easier way to make powerful and beautiful puzzle games!

Design your puzzle games whether they are Tetris style, match three, word games or anything else you can think of! Construct will be there with you from start to finish. Launch Construct 3 or buy Construct 3 now!

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Pop Lab

A puzzle game made in Construct, Pop Lab shows off some of Constructs puzzle making abilities! Open it and see what high score you can get in Construct 3 now.

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Make Puzzle games

Pop Lab is a match 3 style game where you have to move swap blocks horizontally to try and get 3 or more in a row. (Can you get 5 in a row?)

Make Puzzle games

Construct makes it easy to add your own custom menus like Poplabs pause screen.

Make Puzzle games

Open Poplab in Construct 3 and try one of the different game modes available. Perhaps try and extend it to add your own game mode!

Now Build Your Own Puzzle Games

There's no reason why you can't build your own puzzle games armed with Construct. Try it now to see how intuitive it is - then buy it to unlock all the powerful features.

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