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Construct 3 r285.2

Patch for r285

03 March, 2022 ()
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Since the release of r285, we've identified a regression causing a possible crash when duplicating layouts, as well as a few other relatively minor issues. We're releasing a patch update to correct these issues and ensure Construct is working smoothly for everyone.

The r285 release video is included above again, and in case you missed it, see the r285 release notes here. This week we also published a blog post Explore hundreds of examples in Construct's new Example Browser which goes in to a bit more detail about the new Example Browser in r285.

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Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Global layers: crash duplicating a layout with global layers (regression r283)
1 favourites
Animations editor: possible crash importing files through drag & drop
2 favourites
Z Order bar: crash dragging layer items on top of instance items
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Possible crash renaming instance variable after closing a project
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Crash taking guided tour when WebGL unavailable

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  • Adding "mobile advert" plugin crashes apk.

  • could we add our own behaviors, like select a group of events and such and add variables and such to control how it works.

  • Oh, breh, I didn't even notice the "no bug reports in this this area" note because everyone else Is sending bug reports.

  • I Have created a movement type that moves my position +1 forword. I Managed to do this with a variable. When I used the "When [Key]" It Sort of okay, It just didn't infinitely adding to my position. I Do not think that this is an error on your side but the next thing I think Is, when I use the "When key Is Pressed" method with the same exact code It just doesent work at all. (This Is not with the 8 directional movement or anything else, this is 100% custom. And It is supposed to simulate such a low pixel count game that when you move forword the minimum It can move you forword Is 1 pixel but due to the low pixel count this looks like allot)

  • not going to lie suss

  • This build is still broken. Resizing any sprite, tiled background, or 3d object in a layout resizes them from the center and not the end you drag from. It only occurs on a quarter of them though. This issue began with r285.