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Construct 3 r204.2

Patch release for r204

22 June, 2020 ()
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This release makes a few adjustments to Android app signing after some necessary alterations were identified last week. There are also a few minor bug fixes too for some smaller issues that weren't identified during the beta cycle, which should help with the overall reliability of Construct.

The original release video is included above again, and in case you missed them, see the r204 release notes for more details about everything that's new since r197.2.

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6 favourites
Android: restore 'Key password' field (now optional) when signing with existing keystore
7 favourites
Android: keystore default validity is now 25 years as per latest Play Store requirements
6 favourites
Dropped support for Safari 11 in editor, since it is missing features that the editor now requires

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Animations editor: input not handled properly in numeric inputs
9 favourites
Animations editor: possible crash undoing deletions of image points
7 favourites
OneDrive: error renaming files (regression r199)
6 favourites
Wrong tooltip on some editor tabs

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