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Construct 3 r197.2

Patch release for r197

29 April, 2020 ()
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Since r197 was released we identified a couple more issues that slipped through the net during beta testing. One was a console error that shouldn't have actually affected how the game runs, but the other affected Android publishing and caused 'Hide status bar' to not work as expected.

The original release video is included above again, and in case you missed them, see the r197 release notes for more details about everything that's new since r189.2.

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Bug Fixes

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Android: 'Hide status bar' option not working (regression in r195)
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Console error loading some layouts (regression in r192)

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  • is getting better and better every day.

  • Thanks for your updates. I love Construct 3

  • I have an issue where the dropdown doesn't show any options in the add action.

  • There is some different between make a game with script in c3 and not make with script??Im from Brazil and really like c3(im making my first commercial game rigt now)

  • The guided tutorial sounds great! As a teacher, I just wish you had chosen a game that does not involve shooting. I've been told that I cannot have them follow this tutorial (when it was in written form) because of the shooting aspect, so I ended up skipping it. It's stupid, I know, but that's how schools are in the U.S.

  • This build doesn't fix the issue of hiding status bar. I'm still having this issue

  • +10 for the pin update!

  • I can't see input, keyboard event under event options.

  • Thanks for the fast fix

  • It keeps giving me "black bars" problems on the sides of some android devices even with the r197.2, like the r197. Bars that in version 189.2 did not give.