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Construct 3 r182.2

Patch release for r182

16 January, 2020 ()
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Since r182 was released we've identified a couple more issues. We think these are relatively minor and shouldn't have been affecting too many users, but in the interests of ensuring Construct is as reliable as possible, we're releasing a patch update to fix them.

The original release video is included above again, and in case you missed them, see the r182 release notes for more details about everything that's new since r171.3.

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New Additions

8 favourites
Tilemap Brush Editor: links to documentation

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Tilemap Brush Editor: the assigned tiles pane did not update properly for "Auto 47" brushes
5 favourites
Possible crash using Animation Editor in certain circumstances
4 favourites
Possible crash using touch input in Tilemap Bar
3 favourites
Cloud save: possible crash closing file list dialog
3 favourites
Crash importing multiple audio files (regression since r171.3)

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