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Construct 3 r171.2

Patch for r171

16 October, 2019 ()
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We identified some more issues that were either only reported shortly before the stable release, or were missed in the last few weeks of beta testing. Some of these are important to resolve so we're releasing another update aimed at correcting these.

The release video is included again above. In case you missed them, see the r171 release notes here which also cover more of what's new in r171 since r164.3.

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Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Android: apps could fail to resume after several minutes away
5 favourites
Projects using timelines could in some cases fail to open
6 favourites
Editor menus not working correctly on mobile
5 favourites
Android export: typo in the 'Write external storage' permission
2 favourites
Crash using some toolbar buttons in Firefox 60 ESR

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