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10 September, 2019 ()

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It turned out there was another couple of issues that needed fixing in this stable release, so we have another patch update aimed at resolving those. This includes what appears to be a bug in Chrome OS that was causing some devices to crash when 'Use worker' was enabled - to work around this that option is now ignored on Chrome OS. We'll follow up the crash bug with Google and hopefully enable it again in future once it's working on Chrome OS.

There's a lot new since r157 so in case you missed it, check the r164 release notes here, and watch the What's new in Construct 3 r164 video here.

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Disabled worker mode on Chrome OS to work around a crash

Bug Fixes

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Possible crash changing layouts while tweens active
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Tweening angles could sometimes end with wrong value

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  • Thank you for fixing the tween problem. My game was released today and I was having trouble with this bug, thankfully it's fixed now! :)

  • My project is almost ruined...! I had to recreate stuff for my GUI by myself. Also now other stuff doesnt work. "For Each", stopped working. I even put a simple "For each" -> "destroy" and it doesnt work! Is this a bug of the last update or something with the plugins I have installed. If I dont use a 3rd party plugin (I have many installed) is it possible to create any issues with COnstruct, or this may only happen if you use the plugin?

  • Apple send me message with this - Do I need to worry?

    ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage - Apple will stop accepting submissions of apps that use UIWebView APIs . See for more information.

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      • Ashley
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      This is an issue with the Cordova library - you can just ignore it for the time being, the next version of Cordova should remove the notification.

  • It seems that an issue with project import still occurs. From version 164.0 I am facing an issue. When I try to open a project from a local file (I am using Chrome on Windows 10) an error message shows up. I haven't sent a report because I thought it could be fixed on minor patches.

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      I can't see anything wrong with r164.3, it seems to work fine here. As ever if you have trouble please file a bug report following all the guidelines or we can't help.