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Construct 3 r164.2

Patch to resolve some issues

05 September, 2019 ()

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Despite several weeks of testing in beta releases, we had a few issues slip through the net, so we're releasing a patch update aimed at resolving these.

There's a lot new since r157 so in case you missed it, check the r164 release notes here, and watch the What's new in Construct 3 r164 video here.

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Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Physics behavior not working after export in non-Chrome browsers when worker mode enabled (regression in r154)
3 favourites
Error exporting when using a non-English language with missing translations
4 favourites
Tween Behavior: Crash tweening the color property of text plugin instances
4 favourites
Timelines: Timelines not playing after changing layouts
7 favourites
Android: unintended device vibration when tapping and holding (regression in r161)
6 favourites
iframe: crash using some actions immediately after object created (regression in r158)

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  • thank you

  • Вы Все Большие Молодцы!!! Огромное спасибо за ваш труд, вы очень помогли мне!

  • Projects saved in 164 can't be opened in 164.2. It says it's saved in a later version.

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      I just tried this and a project saved in r164 could successfully be opened in r164.2. If you encounter problems please file a bug following all the guidelines - as demonstrated here we can rarely solve a problem from a single comment alone.

      • Just for Ashley's and Rory's information, I also loaded up a project and got the error "project saved with future release" after updating to 164.2, but reloading the page again fixed this.

  • Oh, so that timeline not playing is actually a bug. I thought I did something wrong :P