Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r257

New examples; bug fixes

19 July, 2021 ()

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We're now aiming to move towards a stable release in the next few weeks, so this release focuses on bug fixes and other reliability improvements. We also have another three new examples including Vehicle switching which is another great new demo of what you can do with the new 3D shape object! Bug fixes in this release are mainly around Mobile Advert, Drawing Canvas, and the scene-graph feature.

Please note: due to staff time off, there will not be a release next week (26-30th July). The next release will be the following week (2-6th August).

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New Additions

17 favourites
New examples 'Shifting dungeon', 'Tank pilot', 'Vehicle switching'
13 favourites
Animations editor: support setting common animation properties when importing animations in bulk using zips or folders


5 favourites
Mobile advert: deprecate "Show Consent" plugin property as the dialog is now shown automatically

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Mobile advert: update consent status after closing the consent form
5 favourites
Mobile advert: invalid consent status string after showing the consent form
6 favourites
Drawing Canvas: pasting objects could incorrectly handle layer parallax
6 favourites
Drawing Canvas: could sometimes trigger 'On resolution changed' solely due to floating point calculation imprecision
6 favourites
Text/SpriteFont: hierarchy scale did not affect size/scale BBcode tags
5 favourites
Scene graph: could have incorrect rendering after using "Create object" with children in container
5 favourites
3D shape: could not export with advanced minification
5 favourites
Z order bar: bar not picking up slide gesture in mobile layout (Android)

Scripting updates

5 favourites
Fix content possibly appearing upside-down after calling Drawing Canvas loadImagePixelData() method

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