Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r254

Mobile Advert update; more flexible vanishing point; lots of bug fixes

29 June, 2021 ()

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In this release we're releasing a major update to the Mobile Advert plugin. The AdMob SDKs used by Mobile Advert have gone through a major update and needed a number of significant changes, and Construct's plugin has been updated accordingly. Consequently there are now some differences in the way Mobile Advert is configured and used. As usual our official documentation will be updated at the next stable release, but in the interim you can review this forum thread on Mobile Advert changes for r254 for a summary of changes and updates you might need to make.

The new vanishing point option is now more flexible, and you can set a vanishing point outside the viewport (i.e. outside the 0-100% range). This took some extra work to handle in the engine, but affords some more creative control over how 3D features appear.

There's also a batch of bug fixes - in the past two releases we've actually been making some major internal changes, which helps keep the codebase modern and manageable, but significant changes always come with some risk of breakages. Most of these should now be sorted out, but do let us know if you notice anything more amiss. Also note amongst the new examples is an excellent demo of hierarchies and timelines working together in the Segmented boss battle example, so do take a look, along with the other great examples!

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New Additions

19 favourites
New examples 'Minefield', 'Pinball', 'Segmented boss battle'
18 favourites
Mobile Advert: support rewarded interstitial ads


11 favourites
Mobile Advert: update to support new consent forms and latest Admob SDK versions
9 favourites
Allow vanishing points outside 0-100% range
6 favourites
Data editor: move toolbar labels to left of input fields in dark/light themes

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Some keyboard shortcuts not working in popup windows
5 favourites
Project bar: keyboard shortcuts not working immediately after creating an item in the "Files" folders
5 favourites
Find All References bar: did not always mark disabled results
7 favourites
Dark/light themes not translated in Addon Manager
6 favourites
Slider plugin: failed to export with minify enabled
6 favourites
SpriteFont: could appear incorrectly after resizing image
7 favourites
Possible crash moving objects behind camera with Z elevation
8 favourites
Debugger: did not re-render game when resizing while paused
6 favourites
Possible crash on autosave (regression r253)
8 favourites
Layout View incorrectly scaled when editor window resized (regression r253)
9 favourites
Layers using own texture rendered incorrectly (regression r253)

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  • Thanks for updating AdMob it is good to not forget about core functions... I mean good to see something like that rather then only new "3D things" :))

  • I would greatly appreciate these additions to the 3D and Mesh Editing functions:

    - Add the ability to change multiple mesh points at once and/or fix the shift click distortion method messing up when going beyond the object's bounding box

    - Allow for that shift click tiling method when manipulating the mesh at runtime (I'm working on a dirt bike game and want to include a level editor, but it always seems to stretch at runtime, even if I start the top of the mesh well inside the bounding box)

    - Add the ability to add additional mesh points in-between points like we would sprite colliders

    - Allow webgl effects on 3d objects (I have to have them on their own separate layer so I can use layer effects, and that for me causes clipping when a sprite from other layers goes under a 3d object)

    - Add animations for 3d objects, so we can have different textures for those blocks.

    - More complex 3d shapes maybe?

    I love what you've accomplished recently for Construct 3, keep it up!

  • In this version, I can't use the "reward ads" anymore, they are set up correctly, but they don't load on the device.

  • Several bugs i was waiting to be fixed!

    Well done!

  • I'm sorry, when you release new updates, do you check them at all?

    Where are they checked at all?

    Do you just assume that everything works, and this is enough for you developers?

  • Hello.

    Developers, I have not been able to set up ads for android devices at this time.

    We won't be able to update our apps without a working plugin.

    Thank you.