Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r243.2

Fix for a couple of issues in r243

07 April, 2021 ()

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There were some far-reaching changes in r243 for the new scene-graph preview feature. Significant changes carry a greater risk of breaking things, and an issue was accidentally introduced that would cause objects to change size when opening projects; this should be fixed with this update. There is also a fix for another regression when editing timelines.

We've also adjusted the way text center vertical alignment is calculated, which is proving tricky to get right. This may cause text with certain web fonts to change position slightly again when using center vertical alignment. We're sorry about the inconvenience this may cause, but we want to get this right to ensure projects work as expected in the long term.

In case you missed it, you can view the r243 release notes here.

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Text: adjust calculation used for center vertical alignment

Bug Fixes

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Layout view: incorrect sizing of instances (regression r243)
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Timelines: crash updating values of keyframes (regression r243)

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  • One of may projects won't work properly now.

    It is a dot to dot game. Won't move = can't draw a line dot to dot.

    How do I open my project using an older Beta version?

    I have an extra version of the game saved to r242 ... worked as expected.

    How can I update to X beta version?

  • My project still takes crazy 2-3 minutes to save, and my pc freezes badly in that time

  • text Problems

  • Problems again!

    The game freezes just like that!

    The text is lowered down!

  • Did the recent updates (from early this year) change anything about the For loop logic?

    Cause some of them in my old projects that involved the (wait loopindex * x seconds) broke after reopening. Already fixed it (because technically the logic is more "correct" now, since recalling the current loop index after waiting it to be complete should return nothing, since the loop already ended after the "wait" time). Just curious about it

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      • Ashley
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      It's difficult to comment - we've made loads of changes. We strive to keep all projects backwards-compatible, but sometimes bug fixes or other intentional changes can affect how projects work. The best way to check if something has changed your project is test it in older releases and find which release made the change.

      • hmmm, understood. Not a complaint tho. The new logic seems to be more correct (since the loop should technically only lasts for like 1 tick or something; so the "loopindex" variable should indeed not be recallable past that).

        Actually tried to test it on some older releases but I've had already saved it in a recent one (so couldn't 'reverse' it back... I know I can edit the file, but that usually breaks something). Although it worked correctly in a build (exported) from some months ago.

        Just found it strange that I (afaik) didn't find it in any of the recent changelogs. Maybe it (if can be confirmed) should be mentioned somewhere, to warn old users about the quite major change in the engine's logic (for loops in general).

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