Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r243

Preview scene graph in timelines; new examples; various fixes

06 April, 2021 ()

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The biggest change this release is the new ability to preview scene-graph hierarchies when editing timelines. This makes it possible to design timeline animations in the editor that move objects around with their hierarchies, as it does at runtime, potentially allowing for much more sophisticated animations. This is quite a large and complex piece of work though, so watch out for issues. Please also note two known issues: editing timelines with both scene graph and containers is not yet complete, and multi-selection while editing a timeline with instances in a hierarchy is also not yet complete. These should be finished in the next couple of beta releases, but we wanted to get this update in your hands sooner rather than later.

Other changes also include a new dialog for displaying JavaScript minify errors in case there's a problem with the JS code in your project or a third-party addon. This means you can see the error details directly in Construct without having to refer to the browser console. We've also enabled saving local files when opening via drag-and-drop, which was previously experimental but will now be enabled by default at the next stable release.

As usual there are also some new examples and a batch of bug fixes and other changes. We're also working on another big feature that we hope will make an appearance in the next beta release or two, so stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

15 favourites
Timeline editing mode now previews with scene-graph hierarchies
10 favourites
New examples 'Clear pipes', 'Ledge climb', 'Shooting cube'
9 favourites
Show error details in new dialog if exporting fails due to a minify error
12 favourites
Allow saving back over original file after opening by drag-and-drop (where local file saves supported)

Bug Fixes

8 favourites
Could not advanced minify projects using Browser plugin (regression r242)
8 favourites
Could not rename project with F2 keyboard shortcut
7 favourites
Possible error if saving to local file takes a long time
7 favourites
Prevent pasting family if it would duplicate instance variable/behavior/effect names
6 favourites
Could not paste family via 'Paste' in context menu of another family
8 favourites
Failed pastes could sometimes still reserve object/family names

SDK updates

6 favourites
Preserve case of project file named "GoogleService-Info.plist" specifically

Scripting updates

10 favourites
Add ILOSBehaviorInstance script interface

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  • When I open my old projects in this version, all sprites are out of place and different sizes. I tried to copy an image of my game from version R242 to version R243 and it was automatically resized in the new version. I would have to redo each sprite.

  • Yeah its happening to me aswell, is there any way you can fix this by the end of the day?

    Edit: ive reported it on github

  • Same as others size of images are broken seem like all of them forced to original size or something like that but they are much bigger, please fix it soon!

  • A beautiful job as always

  • The update is wack. Liked it before. Do like the bug fixes tho

  • Same here, all sprites are way bigger then they were before. Their size is also offset if I try to resize them by clicking and holding on the corners, not matching the mouse position.