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  • We're using an experimental new feature in Chrome (Local Font Access) to support the ability to pick fonts for the Text object from a full list of all locally available fonts.

    Where it's supported

    To use the experiment you will need to use:

    • Google Chrome 88+
    • Construct 3 r225+
      • In stable releases, tick Enable experimental features in Settings
      • In beta releases, it's enabled by default

    How it works

    When the feature is supported, the font picker dialog for the Text object will prompt for permission to access local fonts. If you approve the prompt, then the list of local fonts is filled with a comprehensive list of all available fonts installed on your system. Without this feature Construct guesses a list of fonts, which is usually incomplete.


    Let us know if you have any thoughts about this! You can use this thread for general discussion about the feature. If you find a bug or a crash with it, please file an issue on the issue tracker as usual, following all the guidelines to ensure we can help.

  • It doesn't work anymore? I can't pick installed custom system fonts with C3 font picker. If i write manually font name it is works.

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  • It looks like the Chrome origin trial for this experimental feature expired, and they haven't started a new one yet. This is why we warn that experimental features can change at any time!

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