Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r202

Updates for tweens, timelines and date plugin; lots of bug fixes

02 June, 2020 ()

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In case you wondered where yesterday's release was, we're changing our regular release cycle to now aim for Tuesday releases instead of Monday. This is to give us a bit more time to review bug reports filed over the weekend before making a release. Consequently Tuesday Tips has been moved to Thursday Thoughts to avoid clashing.

This release mainly focuses on bug fixes, as we're now aiming for a new stable release in the next few weeks. However there are a couple of new additions for timelines, tweens and the new Date plugin. There's also a new example of the Date plugin on the Start Page to help demonstrate what you can do with it.

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New Additions

21 favourites
New 'Date & time' example project
13 favourites
Date plugin: add missing GetDay and GetUTCDay expressions
27 favourites
Tween behavior: scale, loop and ping pong properties
19 favourites
Tween behavior: conditions to check if a tween is paused
14 favourites
Timelines: conditions to check if a timeline is paused
11 favourites
Timelines: property to set the amount of steps that should be taken per second
8 favourites
Timelines: toggle to enable or disable the use of a step when dragging the time marker
18 favourites
Animations editor: when local folder save in use, can now reload images from disk


16 favourites
Animations editor: improve fill tool color tolerance calculation
6 favourites
Deprecated system unixtime expression - use Date plugin 'Now' expression instead

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Animations editor: prevent color inputs from accepting non numeric values
7 favourites
Animations editor: ensure always shows a numeric value on color inputs
6 favourites
Animations editor: allow keyboard shortcuts to work while focus is on numeric inputs
8 favourites
Animations editor: frame count not updating when deleting frames
6 favourites
Tilemap bar: selection tool "shift" shortcut stopped working after previewing using F5 shortcut
9 favourites
Timeline bar: crash adding instances to a timeline (regression r200)
8 favourites
Timeline bar: crash previewing a timeline in step animation mode with a step of 0
5 favourites
Date plugin: fix GetUTCMonth expression
5 favourites
Bookmarks bar: crash when using the "go to" option after changing the position of a bookmarked event block
5 favourites
Editor could scroll too much on iPadOS 13.4+
11 favourites
Work around iOS issue causing audio to sometimes stop working after showing an ad
8 favourites
Color pickers not working with updated control in Chrome 83+
8 favourites
Animated effects could lose quality over time on some devices
6 favourites
SVG Picture: did not render with pixellate effect
6 favourites
Editor not working offline in r201 (regression)

Scripting updates

7 favourites
Could not set Platform deceleration
8 favourites
DrawingCanvas loadImagePixelData() incorrectly flipped on Y axis

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  • Haven't been able to isolate it yet, but I create sprites in code and it works fine in 200 and 201. Most of the sprites render in 202, but some don't show on the screen anymore and there are no errors in console


    Think I found it. If the image is put on the layout initially and destroyed so that it's loaded, then creating it in script works. If I try to create a sprite that hasn't been loaded yet from code, it doesn't fail but never shows on the screen.

    I am going to submit an issue on it

    Issue filed:

    Final Update:

    The bug has been addressed and the issue closed. It is supposed to show up in the next beta.

  • The "GetDatePart" Function within the Date & Time example project seems to throw out a wrong month:

    "The current date in different formats" > Locale date string says 6.6.2020 which is true.

    But the "Extract a part of the current date" > Month > Local says "5"!

    Is this intended? Do I not get something here?

    Great Feature by the way! Looking forward to its stable release :)

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      Date parts are sometimes zero-based, i.e. 0-11, rather than 1-based (1-12). See the descriptions of the expressions.

  • is there a link for the updated time tutorial

    thanks for all the hard work.

  • Thank you so much for adding steps per seconds in timeline!!!

  • Great Job Crew!!!

  • Thank you for fixing the iOS audio issue! As one of the people who followed this issue on Github & Google SDK Developers, it's great seeing a work around. Great job Ashley & the rest of the team!!!