Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r199

Cloud save updates; timeline & tween bug fixes

11 May, 2020 ()

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In this release we've done some work on Cloud Save, particularly aimed at the OneDrive support. We've updated the service that the OneDrive part of Cloud Save uses, which should now support more account types, such as OneDrive Business (which can also be part of Microsoft 365). Cloud Save with OneDrive now also supports shared folders in a similar manner to Google Drive. These updates should be particularly relevant to any schools or businesses using Microsoft accounts.

Other than that there's a batch of bug fixes, mainly aimed at timelines and tweens. The new support for nested timelines in the previous release was a major update, and naturally involves some follow-up work to fix any issues that come up. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

7 favourites
OneDrive cloud save: now also lists shared folders


6 favourites
OneDrive: switched to using newer Microsoft Graph API, which should support more account types
9 favourites
Google Drive/OneDrive: shared folders now show with a different icon
11 favourites
Android export: removed 'Key password' field since it was ignored by the Java keytool
6 favourites
Animations editor: revert fill tool to r197.2 state

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
OneDrive: ensure sign out process works correctly
8 favourites
Timelines: timelines returning inconsistent result for "Is Playing" condition
9 favourites
Timelines: fix resume action (regression r198)
7 favourites
Timelines: avoid triggering the "keyframe reached" condition if a timeline starts right on top of a keyframe
9 favourites
Timelines: crash when changing instance rotation in the editor
8 favourites
Timeline bar: crash trying to add a nested timeline that can generate infinite recursion
10 favourites
Tween Behaviour: runtime crash tweening color property (regression r198)
8 favourites
Tween Behaviour: avoid changing the state of global instances when changing layouts

Scripting updates

8 favourites
Allow autocomplete after 'this' and 'super' keywords

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