Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r187

Maintenance release

17 February, 2020 ()

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We have another maintenance release for you as we are aiming for a new stable release soon. As we are getting closer to a stable release we tend to focus on fewer, smaller changes aimed at improving the reliability of Construct. Meanwhile we are keeping back bigger changes for the next beta cycle. Therefore there aren't many changes here, but there are still some important changes for robustness.

The biggest change is to the way Construct handles any errors that occur while loading. If there is an issue downloading an important resource on startup, such as if the download fails due to a connection problem, previously Construct could have ended up in a bit of a mess, with situations like a half-loaded crash report dialog. Now any such errors on startup should be handled more elegantly, showing a new dedicated message that explains what happened and gives a few tips about things you can try. Hopefully this helps make it clear what's going on in situations like trying to load Construct for the first time on a flakey Internet connection. Remember that once it successfully loads and you see the "ready to use offline" message, it doesn't need an Internet connection to load any more, so it should be much more reliable after that.

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13 favourites
Improved robustness of error handling if something causes Construct to fail to load
7 favourites
Revert previous fix for hardware keyboard in iOS apps, since the workaround makes the entire canvas selectable

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Work around more bugs in the Facebook Playable Ad tester tool
9 favourites
Possible crash if NW.js download failed in NW.js version manager
6 favourites
Timeline Bar: did not exit timeline editing mode when deleting the last timeline in project

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  • Great! Are prefabs in the pipeline for the next release cycle?

  • Construct seems more stable each day. Is there some place we can follow future plans for features or improvements?

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      • DiegoM
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      We don't make plans for the future public to avoid unnecessary pressure to deliver. Having said that, we do look at our feature suggestion platform when thinking what to do next. You can check it out here

      Looking at it from the outside it's impossible to know what will come next, but you can see what user suggestions are in the radar, namely by the amount of up votes.

      There are other stuff which don't show up at all in the suggestion platform, and you'll never know about them until they show up.

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        Ya but if you at least announced the large features while making it clear you won't provide any dates can at least give veteran users of construct something to look forward to. is a great birds eye view of what users want the most but if you look at the top 10 ideas on there 50% of them don't even have a status and only 1 of them are "Future Consideration". Some of those top 10 ideas have been out there for *years*. If Scirra looks at that page then why have you guys not put a status on 50% of the top 10 most wanted features? That doesn't help us as users build any sort of road map in our heads.

        Getting people hyped periodically for big stuff can prevent people's perception that C3 is getting stale.

  • will there be more games and saved progress

  • Wow so nice and cool

  • Where has the "Save as single file" (local) gone?!!