Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r165

Scripting autocomplete updates; plugin updates; bug fixes

09 September, 2019 ()

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It's the start of a new beta release cycle! This release mainly brings updates to autocomplete in the scripting feature, including improvements to the way it makes suggestions and its handling of globally-scoped names. There are also various updates to plugins including the ability to set the position for banner adverts with Mobile Advert, choosing the front/back camera on mobile with User Media, and saving probability tables as JSON with Advanced Random.

As ever there are various other adjustmenets and a range of bug fixes, and we have more in the works behind the scenes, so stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

12 favourites
Mobile Advert: 'Create Banner Advert' action can now set position (top or bottom)
12 favourites
Tilemap Bar: Tileset zoom can now go below 100% to 50%, 25% and 12.5%
7 favourites
User media: 'Preferred direction' parameter for 'Request camera' action - can choose between front/back cameras on mobile
7 favourites
Layout View/Ease Editor: Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd) to move related anchor points of curves at the same time, to achieve smooth transitions.
9 favourites
Advanced Random: new 'Create probability table from JSON' action and 'ProbabilityTableAsJSON' expression for saving probability tables


10 favourites
Mobile Advert: updated to use latest version of the Admob SDK on iOS
6 favourites
Audio import: now remembers bitrate preference

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Layout view: Cloning tilemap instances was not picking up the properties from the correct instance
6 favourites
Animations Editor: Eraser tool not drawing solid edges when using maximum hardness and an odd size
5 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash when deselecting all elements in the layout view while keyframes are selected
5 favourites
Timeline Bar: Possible crashes when opening timeline-related dialogs
4 favourites
Properties Bar: Fields not updated properly when highlighted as part of the timeline editing workflow, if there are many timelines in the project.
7 favourites
Drawing Canvas: did not respect the project 'Sampling' setting
8 favourites
Orbit behaviour: ignored setting the target location or rotation of an instance immediately after creation

Scripting updates

5 favourites
Specific autocomplete suggestions for certain built-ins such as 'runtime'
5 favourites
Top-level 'function' and 'var' declarations are now shown as autocompleted properties on the global object
2 favourites
Accessing or setting a property on the global object will add it to the list of global variables for autocomplete
5 favourites
Script files in the 'Files' folder will be included for project-wide autocomplete
4 favourites
Prefer autocomplete options that start with the typed section
3 favourites
Highlight typed section within each option in autocomplete list

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  • Suggestion: could beta's autosave file include release number, for example: project_autosave_r165.cp3 so that it is easy to roll back if we encounter a problem?

    • Or even better, if we could have the option to have incremental filenames. For example project_autosave_1.cp3. project_autosave_2.cp3 etc.

  • Nice! Possible to add subscription for IAP plugin (android) and cloud saves for Google Play and Xbox? 🤔

  • If you try and load a project through the file option you always get an error on version r165

    Error report information

    Type: unhandled rejection

    Reason: Error: ǃOXR is not defined ReferenceError: ǃOXR is not defined at window.ǃOdg.ǃOXh ( at window.ǃOdg.ǃKO ( at window.ǃONn.ǃOmb ( at HTMLDivElement.ǃoZu.onclick (

    Stack: ReferenceError: ǃOXR is not defined at window.ǃOdg.ǃOXh

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      Please file a bug following all the guidelines to make sure we investigate any issues.

      • There should really be a specific place to file crashes. It is hard to file a bug report for a crash because you cannot fill out most of the fields. You should create a crash report option as well with less fields. Only the important ones like why did it crash, what were you doing when it crashed, what the error message says when it crashes, etc. Use only the ones that can easily be filled out by anyone.

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  • Great, Thanks.