Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r129

New Platform Info conditions; bug fixes

06 December, 2018 ()

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We've had a few more issues reported during this week that we wanted to make sure were dealt with before the next stable release, so we have one more beta release for you. We're aware it's been some time since the last stable release, but given the magnitude of the release (switching over to the all-new C3 runtime) we're keen to make sure it goes as smoothly as it can. We're still aiming for a stable release around the middle of next week, with one last beta release on the Monday.

This release also adds a couple of new conditions to Platform Info to help identify which export platform is in use, e.g. NW.js or Windows UWP. Additionally we've seen a few people getting confused by leaving "Simplified user interface" enabled, and then wondering why some features have disappeared, so to help make sure it's clear why some features are missing there's now a notification on startup if the simplified user interface mode is enabled.

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New Additions

9 favourites
Platform Info: conditions to test if web/Cordova/NW.js/UWP export
6 favourites
Startup notification when "Simplified user interface" enabled


14 favourites
Adjusted spritesheeting algorithm to save memory
5 favourites
Animations Editor: Color palette is now arranged slightly different in the default theme to allow for a smaller minimum width

Bug Fixes

4 favourites
C3 runtime: iOS apps using WebM Opus audio not loading
5 favourites
C3 runtime: possible rendering glitches with Tiled Backgrounds in WebGL 1
3 favourites
C3 runtime: int("") returned NaN instead of 0
4 favourites
C3 runtime: possible crash using 'Wait' in an 'On collision' event
3 favourites
Animations Editor: Prevent addition of redundant undo points
4 favourites
Animations Editor: Correctly break words in context menus
6 favourites
Z Order Bar: Populate bar even if it is not immediately visible

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  • Thank you!

  • Good, Thx for update

  • Game Recorder issue:

    + System: On start of layout

    ----+ GameRecorder: Is recording supported

    -----> Browser: Alert "Recording supported"

    ----+ GameRecorder: Is screen recording supported

    -----> Browser: Alert "Screen Recording supported"

    + Button: On clicked

    ----+ GameRecorder: Is audio format WebM Opus supported

    ----+ OR GameRecorder: Is audio format Ogg Opus supported

    -----> Audio: Play bgm looping at volume 0 dB (tag "")

    -----> System: Wait 1.0 seconds

    -----> GameRecorder: Start recording (None (no video) 0 fps, Auto, 2500 kbps)

    + Button2: On clicked

    -> Audio: Stop all

    -> System: Wait 1.0 seconds

    -> GameRecorder: Stop recording

    + GameRecorder: On recording ready

    -> Browser: Invoke download of GameRecorder.RecordingURL with filename "test_record.webm"


    First recorded file can be played, 2nd record after invoke download the file is not playable with file size 0 bytes.

    Example :

  • Just exported my project with c3 runtime and web hosted. (wont be providing link just yet as it is a bit of a mess but)

    There is a small issue with multi touch regularly cutting out that doesn't happen on preview (any idea why mutlitouch would work on preview but not correctly when hosted???? chrome both cases)

    but besides this the performance is brilliant and everything appears to be working as should. I know there has been some dark times getting here but seriously well done guys.

  • Awesome! Looking forward to the stable release. Has the "Browser not supported" issue occassionally seen on released mobile apks been worked out? Will file a bug on this if not.

  • 你们好认真,向你们学习!

  • When we can expect stable release? I need few features such as json object and construct-3 compatibility but using beta release for production seems be very bad :/

  • I haven't appreciated any changes in the spritesheeting, they keep wasting too much memory ;(

  • New adjusted spritesheeting algorithm still follows best practice? and can we can influence it by doing something differently?

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      I'm not sure what you mean - what best practice? It's fully automated.

      • Bit late replay but, best practice is to use sprite where you use them ingame. I have seen people use sprite bank layouts, use all sprites on Hud/top layer or bottom, have multiple same sprites different layer, or use frames on different layers. So it still uses the best pratice to group sprites?

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