Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r114

Kongregate export option; Mobile Advert improvements; fixes for tilemaps and animations editor

21 August, 2018 ()

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This release adds a new Kongregate export option, aimed at helping make it easier to publish to the Kongregate online arcade. We hope to have some more news on this soon.

There is also a batch of improvements to the Mobile Advert plugin, including various changes for GDPR compliance, and tools for testing it works as expected in different regions around the world (since GDPR is EU-specific regulation).

We've got another big batch of bug fixes too, with a focus on the Tilemap bar and the Animations Editor. This has brought our issue tracker to its lowest level in some time so hopefully this means everything will be working a bit more smoothly for everyone now!

Work continues on the new C3 debugger as well, and we hope to have that ready for testing before the next stable release.

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New Features

13 favourites
New Kongregate export option, which provides a link to upload the game to Kongregate after export.

New Additions

12 favourites
Mobile advert: user consent screen for mobile advert now works on iOS
9 favourites
Mobile advert: can now simulate geolocation for mobile advert plugin, to test user consent screens
9 favourites
Mobile advert: new action user consent to set the user personalisation status, if you want to use custom consent screens
9 favourites
Mobile advert: now able to toggle where you want user consent screens to appear (EU, nowhere, everywhere)
11 favourites
Mobile advert: now has 2 properties for setting the app ID, one for Android and one for iOS


7 favourites
Mobile advert: now enabled testing for the current device instead of loading test unit IDs

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
C3 runtime: Sine behavior 'Set enabled' action did not work
4 favourites
C3 runtime: Slider 'Compare value' did not work
3 favourites
Tilemap plugin: Incorrect display of tiles when using spacing different to 0
4 favourites
Tilemap bar: Tile preview not updating when the cursor is on the edge of the tilemap instance
4 favourites
Tilemap bar: Missing layout styles when detaching to a popup window
3 favourites
Tilemap bar: Tile selection not working properly when the bar is detached to a popup window
2 favourites
Tilemap bar: Transparent background in tilemap load dialog when using a theme other than the default one
2 favourites
Tilemap bar: Uninitialized tiles and erased tiles considered differently for the flood fill algorithm
8 favourites
Animations editor: Incorrect adjustment of image points when using the crop tool
2 favourites
Animations editor: Fill and Line tools using incorrect fill color
3 favourites
Animations editor: Line tool drawing smooth 1 pixel lines at incorrect positions
3 favourites
Animations editor: UI getting locked in mobile devices
2 favourites
Animations editor: Selection and rectangle tools ignoring the first pixel
2 favourites
Animations editor: Frames panel not updating properly when adding new frames in mobile
3 favourites
Global layers: Incorrect opacity when showing a layer which is overridden and inactive
6 favourites
'Create object by name' did not always result in same picking as 'Create object'
3 favourites
Cancelling a project load from the cloud resulted in the project still being loaded
4 favourites
Possible crash when opening project from cloud
5 favourites
Possible crash when opening project from newer version of C3 from cloud
4 favourites
Parameters dialog: "home" and "end" keys not working as expected in expressions

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  • Strange, adds worked on earlier versions now they don't seem to show. I try my app using a internal test bransh and got test activated also a "Test"-banner. Maybe im missing something in this update that needs to be added to the documentation?

  • Great Update! Specifically, Thank you for the Mobile Advert changes. Looking forward to the C3 Debugger.

  • There's a repeatable crash when closing tilemap window

  • Ashley can you please add "on banner clicked, on interstitial clicked and on reward ad clicked" conditions to the plugin? I'm working on a game, so I want the user to get rewarded only if they successfully click on an ad. else they will just close the ad and get the reward and in return I will get only peanuts.

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      Drago_18 For banner and interstitial ads this does you no good, it is on the advertisers side, you have no idea whether that ad campaign is paying per click or per actual install of the app being advertised, that is why there is no conditions for this. There is already a condition to check for a rewarded ad being completed though, Mobile Advert>On Video Complete.

      • yes I understand but at least the user is visiting on the ad instead of just closing it and getting the reward. and most of the ads on admob are click based. so having ad click detection is good for us only no matter what type of ad it is. and many of the advertisers also pay some amount even for the impressions and not only for instally.

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  • Thanks guys

  • Great, thanks!