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    Drago_18 For banner and interstitial ads this does you no good, it is on the advertisers side, you have no idea whether that ad campaign is paying per click or per actual install of the app being advertised, that is why there is no conditions for this. There is already a condition to check for a rewarded ad being completed though, Mobile Advert>On Video Complete.

    • yes I understand but at least the user is visiting on the ad instead of just closing it and getting the reward. and most of the ads on admob are click based. so having ad click detection is good for us only no matter what type of ad it is. and many of the advertisers also pay some amount even for the impressions and not only for instally.

      • Reward ads will not give a reward if the user doesn't complete watching the whole video. You can't offer a player a reward to click on regular interstitials or banner ads, it is against Admob TOS. I don't think you understand how mobile ads work.