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Building games with Construct 3

Many users develop large projects in Construct - a testament to its robustness. However once you reach this point, it can become difficult to remember where everything is, or even if something is still used. You can of course search for text across your project and see a list of results. This is not perfect though: searching for "Sprite" will return results for both "Sprite" and "Sprite2", even if you're not interested in "Sprite2". Construct's Find All References feature solves this problem.

Find All References returns a comprehensive list of everywhere something is used in your project. It covers everything from which events reference it to where they are placed in layouts. Irrelevant items are excluded, even if they have a similar name. It's an invaluable tool to review projects, especially if you are unfamiliar with them.

It's also useful to help with cleaning up projects. Can't remember if an object is still used? Use Find All References - if the list is empty, it's safe to delete. Otherwise you have a complete list of everywhere it's used, in case you want to replace it with something else.

You can use Find All References with object types, plugins, behaviors, variables, families, animations, layers, event groups, and functions. In other words, pretty much everything. This helps keep your project manageable, no matter how far you go with Construct.