Construct 3

Make Games with Multiplayer Capability

Construct has a number of networking features, including an AJAX plugin for making GET and POST requests, and a WebSockets plugin. It also includes a dedicated plugin for Multiplayer games, which uses peer-to-peer WebRTC Datachannels. These can transmit using UDP for low-latency real-time gaming without lag caused by head-of-line blocking that other protocols can suffer from.

The Multiplayer object automatically handles synchronising objects, and can customise the data format and transmission frequency to optimise the bandwidth usage. It supports local input prediction and lag compensation to help the game feel responsive at all times, even with lag on the network. There are no limits on how many players can join games, other than what bandwidth allows.

Multiplayer games run peer-to-peer, meaning one of the players acts as the server. This means you don't need to run servers to host the game, making it easier and cheaper to get a game going. There does however need to be a signalling server, to allow players to find each other. Scirra run a free signalling server which any Construct game can use, so you can get started without needing your own server at all. Alternatively if you want full control you can purchase the Signalling Server from the Scirra store and run your own dedicated server for signalling.

Multiplayer games can be tricky to design, so we've produced a series of tutorials on designing multiplayer games, ranging from the theory to implementation of advanced features like lag compensation.