Construct 3

Intuitive Game Development

Building games with Construct 3

Anyone can make a game with Construct. There's no need to learn complicated programming languages: simply use the drag-and-drop event block system to design how your game works. Unlike other tools, Construct's events are sophisticated enough to make advanced, immersive games - all without a line of code.

Hobbyists, indie game developers, artists, designers, teachers, students, and anyone else can now start bringing their ideas to life. Even professional developers use Construct to get results faster than possible with programming languages.

Construct's events are designed to be intuitive and human-readable. Simply add a set of conditions on the left. When those conditions are met, it runs the actions on the right. See how it works instantly by clicking the "Preview" button. It's as simple as that.

Events still help you learn to think in a logical way and understand real programming concepts, making it easier for you if you decide to learn a programming language later. For example Construct's events have equivalents to functions, loops and variables. We've carefully designed these aspects to be analogous to programming. For many it's a much easier way to get started in creating, rather than just consuming, with their digital devices.

Read more about how events work in the manual.