Building Games FAQ

In this section you will find answers to the most common questions asked about making and building games in Construct 3.

  1. I've got an idea for a game. Is Construct capable of making it?

    Construct is capable of making just about any type of 2D game you can think off! It is a capable, powerful and feature rich engine specifically designed for this purpose.

  2. Can Construct make multiplayer games?

    Yes absolutely! Construct comes with multiplayer and networking features allowing you to create your own multiplayer games.

    Multiplayer naturally adds complexities into your game creation. Our tools and resources are fully documented allowing you to design your very own multiplayer games.

    Learn more about multiplayer in our manual.

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  3. Can my games communicate with a database?

    Yes. Construct 3 can communicate with databases using our networking features (such as the AJAX object). You'll likely need to create your own back end service to handle these requests.

  4. Can I make an MMORPG in Construct?

    Yes! We haven't seen any MMORPG's in Construct yet (get in touch if you've made one!). There's no reason you couldn't make an MMORPG in Construct however these classes of games are extremely technically difficult to build due to their scale. You would also need to develop substantial back end server side code to run the game.

    Learn more about our advanced features.

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  5. Why isn't my game running fast enough?

    This is a very open question and there are many reasons your game may not be performing as fast as you would like it to.

    We've written an extensive performance guide. Read the guide as it will give you lots of techniques to significantly improve performance in your game.