This plugin is made during the development of the Construct 3 Firebase Plugin Collection to support it and is a part of its Bonus Plugins-

Clipboard API

This is a new API which will replace Execute Command Action-Clipboard functions in future.

Uses- Directly copy text to Clipboard, get Clipboard Text

-Not supported in all browsers

-Supports Worker Mode

Execute Command Action

This is the old method of copying text to clipboard.

Uses- Copy text to Clipboard

-Works in most browsers

-Doesn't work without a button

-Doesn't support Worker mode


1.0.0 Stable (6.08 KB)


  • License MIT License
  • Copyright Sparsha Dhar. All rights reserved.


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  • Hi, do it able to copy specify text instead of whole text?

    For example: Adidas 10PercentOFF

    Copy "10PercentOFF" without copying Adidas