A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.

Type 1 - Exec Command Action

  • Actions

    [Type 1] Copy to Clipboard ({0})

    Copy text to clipboard

    [Type 1] Initialize Button ({0})

    Initialize button using ID of the Button

  • Conditions

    On Copy [Type 1]

    On copy sucessful

Type 2 - Clipboard API

  • Actions

    [Type 2] Copy to Clipboard ({0})

    Copy text to clipboard (Not supported in all export)

    [Type 2] Get from Clipboard

    Get data from clipboard (Not supported in all export)

    clear err (Deprecated)

    clear err

  • Conditions

    On Copy [Type 2]

    On copy sucessful

    On Get [Type 2]

    On get sucessful

    On Copy Error [Type 2]

    On copy error

    On Get Error [Type 2]

    On get error

  • Expressions


    Get Clipboard Data


    Get last occured error


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  • Please update plugin for this request.

  • Hello, this plugin looks very useful, unfortunately it doesn't work in my configurations (although based on workers). What is the compatibility matrix? Any chances it is extended in the future? Thanks!

  • Hi, do it able to copy specify text instead of whole text?

    For example: Adidas 10PercentOFF

    Copy "10PercentOFF" without copying Adidas