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Light-Blue and Greenish text with a Grey Properties and Navigation pane that attempts to condense areas to increase working space visibility.



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  • Kool stuff

  • Awesome theme with much personality - thanks a bunch!

    Noticed a bug - not sure if it's only for me but the checkboxes are tiny.

    Recreate by clicking any sprite object, go under properties and see the check button for Initially visible. All the check buttons look like this

    EDIT: found the fix.

    Change line 1023 to this:

    padding: 10px;

    (used to be 0)

  • Hello, I've been using your skin. Want to know if there will be a gray or black version of the event panel.~~~~

  • Thank you very much for taking my advice! You're doing great!!

  • Hello, very beautiful. Can you help modify the font of script? I recommend “hack“ font!

    • Hello chunchun

      A new release is available with the 'Hack' font in the scripting area. Below is the code used in case you would like to edit it in the future. As a side note, the font was larger than the original so I decreased it by 8%.


      font-family: "Hack";

      src: url("") format("ttf"),

      src: url("") format("woff"),

      src: url("") format("woff2"),


      .CodeMirror-code {

      font-family: 'Hack', sans-serif;



      font-size: 92%


      Line 4381 to 4392. Good luck! Stay safe.