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Allows you to easily set up skins

Example Files

An example of how to setup random skins.

An example of how to setup wearable equipment.



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  • Hey,

    I tried to use both of your examples but I got following message:

    "The project you are opening uses the following addons that are not installed. Try installing these missing plugins, behaviors and effects and then re-open the project.

    Behavior Skin (SkymenSkin) by skymen" even though I installed your plugin.

  • i get a error (Construct 3 Runtime) in your randomskin.c3p :

    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property '_animations' of undefined

    at SkymenSkinInstance.updateSkin (f69691a1-9871-47e0-a643-a291ecf0cfd1:257)

    at SkymenSkinInstance.SetSkin (a7846be6-b061-4c1c-be69-0f5de94be0aa:10)

    at C3.Action._RunBehavior (action.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock._RunActions_Fast (eventBlock.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock._RunAndBlock (eventBlock.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock.Run (eventBlock.js:1)

    at C3.EventSheet._ExecuteTrigger (eventSheet.js:1)

    at C3.EventSheet._TriggerForClass (eventSheet.js:1)

    at C3.EventSheet._Trigger (eventSheet.js:1)

    at C3.EventSheetManager._Trigger (eventSheetManager.js:1)