Allows you to easily set up skins

Example Files

randomskin.c3p (178.71 KB)

An example of how to setup random skins.

wearable-equipment-skin.c3p (205.27 KB)

An example of how to setup wearable equipment.

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2.3.1 (Current)
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2.3.1 Stable (19.53 KB)


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  • I've been looking for weeks now for anything that can help me figure out how to switch characters. This is my first game and I have ZERO coding experience. I thought I would make it a little more dynamic by adding "skins". They're technically just different sprites.

    Here's my problem... When I try to use a different character, the platform behavior stops working. I've tried visible/invisible, setting group behaviors, system create object, containers. I even tried one of these skin plugins which basically gave me the same result as a container. I've even tried to make separate layout but somehow it's not reading the global variable boolean I have set to take it to the playstate2 layout.

    I've read about dictionaries and arrays but just not grasping how that is any less work than simply duplicating the character 1 events and replacing with character 2, which hasn't worked either.

    Anyway, sorry so long. If you could help me figure out how this would help that would be amazing.

  • Hello! I have a question.

    How can I replace the skin of an entire character and change all the animations of it?

    • You can use Set Skin to change the skin of a character, and to change the animations, you can use Set Sub Skin.

      By default, Sub skins are automatically synced to the animation playing on the sprite you set the skin on, but you can disable that and set them manually if needed.

      • But to do this I would have to: Duplicate my character (Remove the platform behavior), change the skins and animations of the duplicate character (My character has 5 animations: jump, attack, fall, run and stop). After go to the events sheet> At the start of the layout> Select Skin Group> add Skin and add the public figure and give a "Skin Tag".

        After always at the start of the layout> I select my first character with the default skin> Set Skin and uncheck the tag put previously. Quite right? Am I skipping a few steps?

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