A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.


  • Actions

    function {0} ({1}) { return {2} }

    Set an alias to a function

    {my}: Set text to {0}

    Set text, after parsing it

    {my}: Link dictionary {0}

    Link a dictionary for variables

  • Expressions


    EXPERIMENTAL: Tries to rewrite a SFDX C2 text string into a C3 one


  • Actions

    {my}: Pause Typewriter

    Pause Typewriter

    {my}: Resume Typewriter

    Resume Typewriter

    {my}: Set typewriter easing to {0}

    Set Typewriter Easing

    {my}: Set typewriter params to {0}

    Set Typewriter Params

    {my}: Skip typewriter {0}

    Skip Typewriter

    {my}: Typewrite {0}


    {my}: Set typewriter easing (by name) to {0}

    Set Typewriter Easing (by name)

  • Conditions

    {my}: Is typing

    Is typing

    {my}: On Letter Typed

    Triggered when a letter is typed

    {my}: On TypewriterPause

    Triggered on typewriter pause

    {my}: On Typewriter Resume

    Triggered on typewriter resume

    {my}: On Typewriter Start

    Triggered on typewriter start

    {my}: On Typewriter Stop

    Triggered on typewriter stop

  • Expressions


    Returns the index of the last typed letter.


    The easing used by the typewriter


    The params applied to the typewriter


    The width of the currently typed text


    The height of the currently typed text


    The last typed letter

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  • This didn't work for me either. I tried to copy and paste the examples, but nothing happened.

  • AnD4D Ben10000K a new update for SFDX will be coming in the next few days, and should solve your issues with the addon :)

  • Yeah, this is abandoned :(

    • No this is not abandoned, I'm sorry I'm just very very busy and have a ton of work and it's very hard to find the time to work on this in between everything else.

  • Does anyone actually use this plugin in their code? I paid for the Construct 2 version, and am disappointed that this C3 one is so convoluted compared to the C2 one.

    It's been almost half a year since I asked for an example of how to even use the plugin :(

    • Hi, sorry for the very late reply. I have been terribly busy lately, but I finally managed to get an example thanks to the amazing work of Mateus.

      He made the example and provided it to me so I could share it here for free :).

  • Sorry to pester, but is there any update toward that example c3p I requested a couple months back? I'm using C3's [color=rgb(0,255,0)] forumla, and it's vile compared to SFD's elegant "C green" I used in Construct 2.

  • I don't suppose it's possible for your plugin to add those extra features to the debug, is there? Such as the scale, spacing, etc. I used this all the time in C2 to get the font looking how I wanted, but Construct's base SpriteFont seems to be very limited compared to what you had made.

  • Any chance we can get an example c3p so we can see how to change colours easily?

  • What are all the functions?

    • Because in the old version there were some interesting ones like <A swing> or the <tw wait> but those don't work anymore and there aren't in the documentation

      • Hi, this plugin is a bit more complex than the C2 one. Instead of providing premade functions, it allows you to define your own.

        For instance [sfdx=offsety 8*cos(t * 300 + i * 90)]my wavy text[/sfdx] will do a wavy text.

        However, angle doesn't work as the default spritefont object doesn't support an angle tag yet :(

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  • This seems really really amazing! However ... is there any working example of how to make it work? Perhaps its just me, but really could not get to make any of these features work ...