A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.


  • Actions

    Ease {0}({...}) from {1} to {2} in {3} sec. with effect: {4}. Bounce: {5}

    Start easing.

    Pause {0}({...})

    Pause easing.

    Resume {0}({...})

    Resume easing.

    Terminate {0}({...})

    Terminate easing.

  • Conditions

    {0}({...}) in progress

    Check if easing is in progress (even if paused).

    On {0}({...}) finished

    Triggered when easing is finished.

    {0}({...}) is paused

    Check if the easing is paused.

    On {0}({...}) ticked

    Triggered when easing is ticked.

  • Expressions


    Get the time progress of any easing.


    Get the current value of any easing.


    Get the parameter of a finished easing.


    Get the parameter of a ticked easing.


    Get the value of a ticked easing.


    Get the time progress of a ticked easing.


  • Actions

    Set {0} as a custom easing function

    Set custom JS easing function.

    Set {0} as a custom easing function

    Set custom Construct easing function.


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  • Hey, I'm having a hard time trying to export my project in HTML5 using the Ease Plugin.

    In the dev environment it's working great, but as soon as I export my project, it doesn't work...

    Here's the error I get :

    Valerypopoff Ease Plugin error: Probably Construct 'Function' plugin is not added to the project

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Like you said, it's working now... but for some reason updating the plugin didn't do the trick.

      I had to create a new project and import the new version of the plugin and then recreate all my project from scratch...

      I don't think this is on your side though. I'll contact the Construct team concerning this issue.

      Thanks again!

      I'll definitely use more of your plugins in the future!


    • Fixed the issue in 2.0.2. Thanks for reporting. Cheers!

      • Thanks for the quick reply and fix.

        The fix does work when I don't minify on export so that's a good thing.

        Eventually though, size might be a problem with my project.

        Your plugin is by far the most complete there is for tweening in construct, but in the end if I can't minify, I'll probably have to go with another solution...

        I can't share the project at the time as it contains some sensible information I have no rights to share.


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    • Ok I think I know what's the problem. You're minifying on export, right? Don't. That should fix the problem for now. And I'll go try to find out why it breaks

    • That's odd. I specifically tested the plugin on exported projects and it worked. I just double checked and it works in the exported project. Can you send me a zip?

  • Does this work with the C3 runtime?

  • Great Plugin. Thank you for that!