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Easing effect for absolutely ANYTHING: transparency, volume level, effect parameters, animation frames, you name it. Pick from pre-defined easing effects or define a custom easing function

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  • Not work anymore on r158 beta.

    "Error: Addon 'ValerypopoffEase' ACE 'in-progress' uses "variadic" parameter which is not supported in the SDK...."

  • Hi~ Thank you for another handy plugin. Now I using it to replace the old litetween, but I notice that there is no bounce function (shaking,bounce back and forth around the end value), is there a way to get the similar effect?

  • Hey, I'm having a hard time trying to export my project in HTML5 using the Ease Plugin.

    In the dev environment it's working great, but as soon as I export my project, it doesn't work...

    Here's the error I get :

    Valerypopoff Ease Plugin error: Probably Construct 'Function' plugin is not added to the project

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Like you said, it's working now... but for some reason updating the plugin didn't do the trick.

      I had to create a new project and import the new version of the plugin and then recreate all my project from scratch...

      I don't think this is on your side though. I'll contact the Construct team concerning this issue.

      Thanks again!

      I'll definitely use more of your plugins in the future!


    • Fixed the issue in 2.0.2. Thanks for reporting. Cheers!

      • Thanks for the quick reply and fix.

        The fix does work when I don't minify on export so that's a good thing.

        Eventually though, size might be a problem with my project.

        Your plugin is by far the most complete there is for tweening in construct, but in the end if I can't minify, I'll probably have to go with another solution...

        I can't share the project at the time as it contains some sensible information I have no rights to share.


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    • Ok I think I know what's the problem. You're minifying on export, right? Don't. That should fix the problem for now. And I'll go try to find out why it breaks

    • That's odd. I specifically tested the plugin on exported projects and it worked. I just double checked and it works in the exported project. Can you send me a zip?

  • This plugin is REALLY versatile, I've been using it for pretty much everything UI-related. Thanks!

  • not able to launch my project preview last release 234

    i delete your addon and it work ?

  • Hi :)

    I have a problem:

    I noticed that someone had a similar problem about 2 months ago.

    ReferenceError: __CONSTRUCT2_RUNTIME2__ is not defined

    I updated the plugins (EASE 2.2.1 and Javascript 0.7.0 from your website) and nothing helped.

    In new Construct 3 update (R242) support for classic mode scripts have been disabled. It always worked in "classic" mode, but in new update I am forced to use "module" script.

    Do you have any solution for my problem? :(

    • It seems to be a Construct bug that prevents you from installing the new version of a plugin. You install it and it all seems like it installed the new version but it actually didn't.

      To fix it, visit and clear all site data from developer console (you can easily Google how to do it). You will have to install all the plugins again. Also all the settings are gonna be wiped out. This is the only way I know to get around that problem.

    • Maybe I have to add some import to "main.js" to program run, can you help me?

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    • Hi! If this is the case and you really really deleted everything related to the plugin, then there's nothing I can possibly do unfortunately. It's either you didn't really delete everything related to the plugin and missed something, or this is a Construct bug. I - as a developer of the plugin - have no control over "staying baked into the project".

      Send me the project file though, I'll look into it.

      • Hi, thanks. It was my mistake. Sorry. But, I also see that this plugin conflicts with the third party Photon Multiplayer plugin for some reason. The online users movements doesn't transfer over to the other user as soon as I install this plugin. Just throwing that out there, but don't really expect much to be done on either Photon or your side.

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  • Meanwhile found these errors :P while using with C2 runtime

  • You're making really cool stuff, thanks for the contributions!

  • I have using this for a while, compare to other tween plugins, it's a little difficault to do a global pause. because they are behavior and if you pause the object, the tween will pause too. It would be nice to have better solution for this.

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