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Handle UnityAds video ads for Cordova on iOS and Android.

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Simple UnityAds Plugin Test App



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  • Hi, Thanks for your comments, I'm thinking on start updating to UnityAds 3 in the next couple of weeks, after finish some work. So I'm looking to resolve a lot of problems you guys are address during this months. Thanks!

  • Hi hackinc2000, are you going to update this plugin to work with Unity Ads 3?

  • BREAKING NEWS! Finish the iOS implementation, I'm about to release the ... WAIT STOP THE PRESS! A major update to the IOS UnityAds framework part has been released, so I need to implement that, Sorry about the hype, just to maintain you all interested! LOL!

    Unity Ads 3.3.0


    OS 13 update:

    Deprecated UI webview. Due to Apple's changes, Unity Ads no longer supports iOS 7 and 8.


    iOS 13 AppSheet crash fix

  • STATUS REPORT: Android part done and working,

    Next Step... Where Is that iPhone of mine?

    Remember: This current plugin version will be depreciated.

    I forgot to put the notice here, so I'm pasting the news I post on the Construct 2 Side.

    FWD (LOL): Flash News: At last, got the time to update. Really Sorry for the Super delay, but had been busy whit some contracts.

    What's in the pod and cooking:

    - Updating to UnityAds (Actually Making it as a new plugin UnityAds3). This brings UnityAds Banners in addition to the video ads already on UnityAds2. As a note on this, UnityAds2 plugin will be getting depreciated. This note will be made on the plugin documentation.

    - PhoneGap Compatibility, Yes you read well,(Actually already compiles with PhoneGap Cli 8.2.2, on my tests, Donations Welcome!! LOL!)

    - Construct 3 run time compatibility its on the work too!

    - Time Frame: ASAP!

  • hackinc2000 is there any chance for C3runtime soon?

  • I spoke too soon, this plugin crashes the buildservice when trying to build xcode project for iOS.

  • This Addon has been deprecated, please the use this one instead.

  • Is it still being maintained?

  • Error in build aab with C3.

  • Fails to build or even export with the current version of the plugin. Any updates?

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