Dialogue System Template

Create complex dialogues with ease with this tool/template!

Try in Arcade!

Create complex dialogues with ease with this tool/template!

Try in Arcade!

Dialogue System Template

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  • 1.05

    Released: 9 Feb, 2021

    -Switched to C3 runtime. -Changed all functions to now use the new C3 function format -A new global flag "Dialogue_IsRunning" to test whetner a dialogue is currently running. -New helper functions to change some dialogue system settings at runtime (Window position/size, text delay) -BB code integration! Most BB code tags can now be used in dialogues. However, "scaleY" does not really work well with overflow detection so use sparingly. Added a small example of usage in the demo dict

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Highly customisable, this template will allow you to spice up your games with a full featured dialogue system as seen in many console RPG and adventure games of old.

Core features

- Framerate independant typewriter effect, complete with flawless word wrapping.

- Supports portrait, with custom placement.

- Insert variables dynamically inside your dialogues (such as your heroes' names or currently stashed gold).

- Moddable text commands. Play sound effects, pause between words, etc.

- Comes bundled with an editor to create your dialogues and test them easily.

- Data stored as a Jsoned C2 array and dictionary.

saltandpixel's avatar
2 years ago

Needs a tutorial.

It took me too long to figure out how to get the utility export correctly.

To get the system to work, I downloaded the examplesDictionary.json and import the file into my project and make edits ther...

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    9 Feb, 2021

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