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Vault of Peril

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bigcatrik Published on 16 Nov, 2021

VAULT OF PERIL is a challenging retro early-90s FPS made entirely with the internal 3D capabilities of Construct 3 (and also within the free version's limits).

There are five levels. Can you survive them all and defeat Lord Morbidous???

I. Lair of Evil *** II. Labyrinth of Despair

III. Catacombs of the Fallen *** IV. Secret Vaults of Chaos

V. Final Assault of the Accursed (The Lair of Lord Morbidous)


License and legal:

Skeletons by ArtisticDude and AntumDeluge - CC0 (opengameart.org)

"Part of the graphic tiles used in this program is the public domain roguelike tileset 'RLTiles.' Some of the tiles have been modified by RJP. You can find the original tileset at: http://rltiles.sf.net"

Music (c) 2021 by HorrorVox, used by permission.

Original Game Program Elements (c) 2021 RJP/bigcatrik.


Move: WASD or Arrow Keys

Look: Mouse

Shoot: Left Mouse Button

Run: Shift

Pause: "P"

Turn Off Music: "M"

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  • hi!

    great game!

    if you follow me, I will follow you!


  • Great job. Are the spells a 3dshape when they get fired. When Player is overlapping wall at offset (5,5) or (-5,-5) then adjusting speed will keep from sticking to walls.

  • Wow not bad at all for a first attempt! I could only suggest some quality of life improvements like please add some kind of cross hair or even a small white circle to show where the bullets go :)

    I think most of these games had hallways but maybe your levels should be more focused on big rooms, otherwise I was hallway sniping everything from the corner.

    More weapons like a "machine gun" would be nice, or even the main weapon if I click and hold and it continiously fires instead of on each click! Awesome job!

  • Pretty cool game :)

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