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poppants Published on 30 Mar, 2016

Short, quite-difficult-sometimes-quite-frustrating-game and 7th place winner at Rikoshe Mobile Game Jam.

Game by @AtwoodPer

Music by AdhesiveWombat

Enjoy, and dont forget to get ! PANIC ! on your android device. Completely FREE with no ads, in-game purchases or other bullsh!t.

You should also try my other game "The Neverending Dungeon" . Not as difficult, but might be as much fun!


For PC:

A and D/ Left Arrow and Right Arrow for steering. Press Space to slow the time. Press space again to exit the slowmo(duh!). Slowmotion gradually decreases your score, so be careful!

For Mobile:

Botom Left and Right screen sides for steering. Press both for slow-mo

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  • [quote=2DManiac]

    The game is actually pretty fun, but it starts way too fast and with too much stuff.


    Hi, thanks for your comment. Can you please elaborate? It is supposed to be super fast and difficult, did I overdid it?

  • The game is actually pretty fun, but it starts way too fast and with too much stuff.

  • very nice game, best music


  • [quote=EvilXIII]

    Very cool! I'm right in love with her - because I love challenging games , and this is also framed in general is unreal cool, cool game!!!)


    Thank you! Seems like you are kicking ass now ;)


    Yes, that's what I meant. Since you tested the game a lot it isn't very difficult for you, but for the rest of us that never played before is too difficult, can be a deal breaker.


    I tried to keep the pace with given mobile resolution and the drive of the game, but you are right. Just released a new version, added a new skill, that should fix the problem.

  • Tony beat Carlos score

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