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ailingforale Published on 2 Oct, 2020

Mazungeon is a rogue-lite maze game that will have you clicking through randomly selected mazes.

Inside each maze you'll find treasure and enemies on your way to the exit. You'll need to defeat enemies and loot chests to get enough coins to boost your health, defense, attack and speed.

If you focus on defense and neglect attack you'll be in for a long fight. If you go the other way, glass cannons have their issues as well. Maybe you'll focus on speed and simply run away from everything.

The issue is, there is always something stronger. Eventually you'll have to figure out when to fight and when to run. Sometimes, your only option is death, but death is only the beginning. The more you play, the stronger you'll get with permanent buffs added after you've buffed, killed or opened enough things.

Can you make it to the end? We'll see, but this won't be a walk in the park. Good luck!


(There are two tutorials in the game proper.)

-Click the arrows to move around the maze.

-Double-click objects to either attack, open or use.

-Large map is opened by clicking the button at the top right of the screen and closed by double clicking.

-Double-click the Sword/Shield/Heart/Boot to level up your ATK/DEF/HP/SPD. Double-click again to be able to upgrade something else.

-You can choose to flee from a fight, but you'll take the enemies minimum attack as damage.

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