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Captain J Doe Saves the Universe

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Chris PlaysOldGames Published on 26 Mar, 2021

Side scrolling space shooter where you try and survive 100 waves of enemies and bosses in order to kill the Planet Devourer.

At your disposal you have 5 different weapon systems with unique characteristics and a rechargeable Shield. You can find weapon upgrades, heals, and shield power in supply drops!

You can also find drops from killing enemies. Some will even drop Power-ups that will allow you to regenerate health and shield power!

This game is in its release condition and finished from start to end. I may need to tweak it and squash a few bugs so make sure to leave constructive feedback to help me make it even better!


Arrow Keys Move player ship up/down/forward/backward.

Space Bar or X Shoots weapons

S or C Activate/Deactivate Shield (recharges when deactivated)

P Pauses game

H Hotkey reminder pop-up in game

M Mutes/Restarts Music

F Fullscreen mode from within game

Esc Exit Fullscreen

K Makes a save file of current game

L Loads the game file made with K

R Reloads the last 30 second autosave


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  • Latest update reduces lives for normal and insane modes to 2 for normal and 1 for insane. Also gave insane mode player the tier 2 laser cannon on start (you will need it).

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