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ReallyBasic Published on 20 Mar, 2020

Take on the role of the main character as he finds his way through an abandoned building full of locked doors, old chests and plenty of fire-axes. Your goal: collect the stars and make it to the exit.

(Oh, and it's a blackout, so you can't see anything without a light, not even your inventory!)


WASD - movement

E - inventory

F - pick up object

G - Use an object such as doors, chests, and axes


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  • really cool concept but everything you do definitely feels like a shot in the dark, pun intended. i cannot figure out the first level :( the game should explain more what to do as i thought it was gonna be tile based rather than 8 direction, as well as needs a little more guidance. not having a ton of fun stumbling through the darkness tbh.

    all that said, this is still a really original, interesting concept and I'd love to see what you do with it.

    • First - The Difficulty Problem

      Yes, I admit it is really hard. I had a play tester try it and they said the same thing. I intended to make 10 levels, but tried to squeeze everything into 3. It got a lot harder than normal levels should.

      Second - 8 Direction

      I will try this.

      Third - " stumbling through the darkness"

      I am in the process of adding different 'light' sources, so later it won't be completely dark. The laser pointer allows you to see depth, also giving a small amount of light around it if you look close. The camera gives off a flash when you use it (third level I think) and gives you a permanent picture in your inventory to look at later.


      Thank you for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated.

      • Yes! I'm really glad you took my comment positively. Always great to see another developer who loves learning. I'll follow you for sure!

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