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  • Hello,

    Big changes for Zombie Arena !

    First of all, welcome to a new enemy: the spitting zombie, who will give you a little more trouble...

    Then, the possibility to avoid zombies by a majestic dodge jump.

    Finally, some small changes:

    - no need to press "e" to retrieve a weapon,

    - rebalancing the difficulty,

    - some sound modifications.

    Feel free to leave your opinion and rate the game!

    Have a good game, everyone !

    Wow! It feels pretty good, the changes in the difficulty are quite remarkable, that new skill (slide) helps a lot to escape the hordes of enemies, and the new enemies that shoot "vomit toxic" are a real kick in the ass.

    I thought I could break my record easily with the new changes, but it has been the opposite. Some maps have caused me problems when reaching above 3000 points. I mean the small maps, where the hordes of enemies make it difficult to escape or control the onslaught of the "tanks", especially 3 or 4 of them and more than 20 zombies at the same time, including the purple zombies (wich is fun because the game tends to go on "super-slow mode" when that happens lol ).

    And on large maps, the amount of enemies generated once you surpass 4000 points becomes completely crazy! Which is not bad in itself hahahaha

    Good job! Your game is really fun, I guess I had invested a total ammount of 3-4 hours these past days and I enjoyed a lot the new challenges. Can't wait to see the new tweaks and changes on future updates.

    Congrats and keep doing cool stuff!

  • Hi,

    I've been working on an update for Zombie Arena, and here we are :

    - more graphic details (shadows...).

    - 2 more weapons : Sniper and Automatic shotgun. You can now be selective... or not.

    And thank you Estudio Naranja and Datiel12, for giving me feedback :)

    Have a good game!

    Cool! I tried the vulcan minigun and the auto-shotgun and got better luck against "tanks"... Sniper & Bazooka are really OP but is a pain to aim when an horde is trying to kill you... lol

    My highest score is around 5k... things turn really crazy after 4k!!

  • So, here we go.

    I present you the final version of Zombie Arena !

    Here are the main changes since the last version:

    - "zombags" can now spawn hearts, in order to recover some life.

    - the screenshake can be disabled on the home screen.

    - the scoring has been redesigned.

    - the game records your best score, your highscore is displayed at the end of each try.

    - the spawn of the enemies is now announced.

    - the balancing of the weapons has been modified.

    The link :

    So, thank you to all those who have left a comment on reddit, twitter and other sites, it was very useful and I really appreciate having feedback, especially as I realize this game on my free time, amateur, and that it is free.

    Thanks and have a nice play !

    My current highest score is 1300... I guess this will be a loooooong night... lol

    Congrats for Zombie Arena! Your game is very cool and addictive!

  • Hello Mr. Andrey Sitkov. I'm checking your Mega Game Music Pack. It's amazing! I got just one question. Can I include your name on the credits of my game? I feel fair to give credit to the author of those awesome tracks.

  • Hello! I'm a former lawyer turned into school teacher. Yeah. It's crazy. I still can't believe it. But well, sometimes our destiny has pretty weird ways to twist our way of life. I want to learn how to implement videogames in modern teaching. I'm not going to rest until i can achieve that goal -or die trying to achieve it.

    And I'm an amateur independent videogame developer from Baja, MX. One of my best friends (JMC) and I just started a micro studio (ChoyaSoft) and our goal is to one day make great games. I enjoy a lot to learn new things and put on practice the knowledge acquired.

    I know this is a never ending journey so let's be friends and walk together to reach out our goals.

  • Hello guys! Valve just launched Steam’s annual Winter Sale, offering a wide variety of deals alongside the kickoff of voting for the first-ever Steam Awards.

    The Winter Sale runs from Dec 22, 2016 until 1 p.m. ET on Jan. 2, 2017.

    I want to know if there will be an offer discount on the PERSONAL or BUSINESS licenses. It would be really cool to able to upgrade my account.

    Please, tell me that there will be a promo soon! I'm saving money for it!

    Merry Christmas and my best wishes to all of you guys! God bless you!

    Construct 2 rocks!

    Greetings from Baja, MX!

    -- José Avalos

    Rural town teacher (and new C2 user).

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  • I'm using Construct 2 to make a educational game for teaching History, it's part of my master' degree project. As Im not a programmer I'd try several gamemaker engines, including RPGMaker (My first goal was to make a RPG) but the lack of platforms supported made me look for another tool. I found Construct 2 almost a year ago and feld in love with it. Even decided to change the genre to a Tower Defense so I can work with this tool.

    I still like to make a RPG in the future, so one of the improvements that could be made in Construct 2 would be adding more functionality for creating RPG.

    But that is just a plus.

    If you want to try the game that Im making is that one on my signature.Gurrufio2013-08-09 17:04:45

    Gurrufio, i'm glad to know that there are other teachers all around the world trying to achieve the same goal. I'm in the same situation than you. And it is inspiring to be able to make contact and learn from other people who is working in the same line.

    I'm not en engineer or a programmer, neither a math or phys specialist. I'm just a rural town teacher (former Lawyer until i took an arrow in the knee) that want to discover funnier ways to teach History -and other subjects- to my students. And i firmly believe that i can achieve that using Construct2. So far until now i learned a lot of the basics -and i'm still have a lot to learn from intermediate and advanced stuff about how to make a proper educative oriented game.

    To reach that goal a titanic effort is needed of course. But i think that platforms as Construct2 can help us a lot to be able to do that.

    Greetings and cheers my friend!

    P.s. I think too that RPG games are one of the most useful ways to implement an educative History program.

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