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  • Does the website seem really slow lately? Searches, opening forum threads, and the manual have all been very laggy for me for more than a month.

    I've cleared my cache, tested from multiple Interweb connections, and tried with IE, Chrome, and Firefox, so I am assuming it's not me.

  • I noticed the same, especially on mobiles....

  • I've already made a post about his a few days ago, when the Store was launched. It can take up to 5 minutes now just to read a post. Site is awful to use at these times.

  • yeah its so slow i thought its down several times now

  • It really is ridiculous at times. How can a site take 10 minutes to load a page? It just looks unprofessional.

    What's also ridiculous is the number of new users such as this lot:

    IMMA114, IMMA196, IMMA201, IMMA212, IMMA246, IMMA353, IMMA360, IMMA366, IMMA367, IMMA372, IMMA431, IMMA491, IMMA497, IMMA498, IMMA526, IMMA555, IMMA567, IMMA617, IMMA628, IMMA690, IMMA727, IMMA747, IMMA770, IMMA774, IMMA815, IMMA848, IMMA869, IMMA909, IMMA925, IMMA939, IMMA989, IMMA999

    I think I see a pattern............

  • The subject on forum attacks interest me since yesterday, made some reading found out that there's a lot security issue with phpBB, even a hacker wannabe capable of attacking it (at least what I summed up). I found out about xenforo, which claimed by it's user for very secure towards attacks, they even have a thread encouraging attackers to try attack the forum engine, what a man!

    I had no experience having my own forum or something, but is it viable for Scirra to consider changing into other forum engine? given that the size of this forum is considerable large.

  • Website is horribly slow and sometimes doesn't load on my mobile any more.

    Regarding new users, we desperately need a better way of filtering first time or first 5 times posts (ie a load on the mods) to weed out the obvious trash.

  • freakishly slow, since the day 179 was released i get windows server errors all the time or the site takes two minutes to load anything, whats happening here? :/

  • It's really slow for me, the first time i couldn't even enter the forums, but now i can enter but it's too slow lol.

  • It is taking more than a minute to open a page... (from southern hemisphere)

  • Very, very, very slow for me, and having been a web developer it annoys me like crazy, ha ha. Hopefully any issues get resolved quick as it's almost unusable.

  • The site is like being ddos'ed..

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  • The only site (from the entire universe) that is slower than this is oDesk which is ironic, since is a freelance marketplace

  • I speculate that the reason the website is so slow is because the servers are becoming sentient, and are devoting more and more possessing power toward planning world domination. I just hope the Gullen bro's have amassed enough flying monkey's to hold the servers at bay once they achieve locomotion, and unleash their retribution.

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