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  • Is it just me or does it bother you aswell that there are alot of trial/engine-test/demos floating around on the Scirra Arcade?

    I feel that if you want to test your concepts out and get peoples opinions then use the "Your Creations" section of the Forums. Posting demos in the arcade kind of removes the purpose of the whole "Your Creations" section.

    Also it feels like its unfair to all people who tested their games endlessly for errors, added own music, a whole game concept that works from start to finish, instructions and so on, to then see your creations lost in a mist of demos and trail games.

    This are just my personal opinion and i like to hear what other people think about it, no hard feelings <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Right now i am completely with you, but from what i have heard they will update the arcade so you can update your own games in the arcade soon. Then you can update those demos to the whole games later.

  • I agree as well, it would atleast be nice to be have the option to choose whether you want to browse through completed games or unfinished ones.

  • omgitburns: I think the update function is already available.

    Probably users have switched to another project in the meantime (this often happen you know, fire and forget).

  • Seconded, the Arcade should be for finished games, not demos , tests whatever. Updates are not meant to develop the game in arcade but to fix bugs and add additional features. If people want to show off their games add a separated secion on arcade just for this cases. Even then that maybe wouldn't be a good idea since the arcade could become cluttered with hello worlds and tests.

  • I agree. Visitors might be put off by the arcade if too many test projects are in there. The creation forum is for testing.

  • Indeed. Showcase finished and polished products APART from the weed.

  • I don't mind demos, but 'tests' just detract from the overall look of the Arcade and give an impression of 'amateurism'.

  • I doubt there's any easy way to stop people from uploading incomplete works. Perhaps instead there should be extra categories of some sort for unfinished and completed games, and people browsing the arcade could sort them as such.

  • The idea is that when people vote on games the better games will float to the top. Take a look at the top games list or the front page. It has all the top rated games there.

    Any WiP's or incomplete games will sink to the bottom of the lists naturally.

    It would be hard to regulate finished games. Also for a lot of people new to game development it's nice in my opinion to have a public community they can share their creations with.

  • Kyatric I only have an unfinished project right now, could you or someone else verify that this feature is there? Because my game has a feature for the community that i wish to exploit to make it grow faster and better.

  • Tom could confirm or deny the "Update" function for games uploaded in the arcade.

    But what do you mean by "a feature for the community". Are you talking about a custom plugin ?

    If so, for now, you can't upload games using any third-party (custom) plugins or behaviors.

  • Yes, updating games should work fine. Just click edit at the top when viewing the game

  • I'm in favour of a category for unfinished games. Some demos/trials are really fun and promising so they get rated highly, but end up pushing down other finished games. So I think moving them to a separate category is best. Perhaps that category could also be discounted from the top games list too.

  • Yeah, I mean, what if non members would like to try out games in the arcade and found out that most games are actually UNFINSIHED. That may lead them to think that C2 has never produced a FINISHED game.

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