Unfinished Games on Arcade

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  • Im glad that people found my topic a hot subject and im glad to see many shared my concern. Im also in favour of a separate category for the unfinished games.

    I also agree with Ashley about removing them from the Top/Feature listings, as you have done with the Example games, which was very nice of you to do.

  • DeviantArt has a "scrap" gallery, for people just wanting to submit less important stuff/wip/sketches, a similar feature could be useful here

  • Agreed. That's the best solution imo

  • I don't understand why removing unfinished from the top games would improve the quality, if people vote higher for an unfinished game we should be displaying that above a finished game with a lower rating, we'd rather show the better content right?

    There's not enough content for us to be picky yet, in the future maybe, but at the moment I think it's a lot better to just show the best stuff.

  • The thing is that the arcade as it is right now looks really amateurish, I tried to play some games, most of them had no instruction for the controls at all, other were ridden by bugs, other simple tests..

    I agree that as a community is correct to leave people with the possibility to see their game published but there's a limit. People that don't know c2 may go to the arcade and say "ah this is not a good game maker, you can't make real game with it" and this detracts to your business and the overall image of the community.

    On the other hand I see that as its the beginning of c2 not many finished games are on the arcade, but this is also inherent to the current state of it, I'll be publishing a finished (although simple) game on the arcade for the competition as a "lite" version and the full version on the chrome web store, simply because the lack of a leaderboard and the missing support for full screen are a deal breaker.

    You really should think about this carefully because while it's true that you are building a big library of games in a short time you may also be scaring away "serious" developers, to be honest if it wasn't for the competition I wouldn't have even thought about publishing a game on the arcade as it really strikes as amateurish as other have said, and the risk of a full game (as ugly as it may be) being under an unfinished game may damage the image of a developer that invested time and money on a project.

    My 2 cents.

  • Arcade for me, means, finished games playable, with a begining and a ending point, why you dont create a new section "TEST LABORATORY" where people can test playable demos in progress??? :D <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • A "Work In Progress" category might indeed be valuable, with an optionnal switch to another category (with admin consent) once the game is finished.

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